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Large 7” x 11” Ash Wine Board.
Enjoy snacks while at your favorite wine festival or party, eat while you drink!
This board is oval with beautiful grains every board is different, treated with mineral spirits ready to use. There is limited supplies!
3.5” x 3.5” printable 3 lines or  logo.

Wine Boards can be custom laser engraved with logo’s, favorite sayings, They can be color filled with Gold or Silver for that one of a kind gift for weddings, birthdays, any occasion, or for yourself. Logo’s must be black and white pdf or vector ready art work (color logo’s 15.00 up charge) each additional line add 4.00 per line, add 5.00 for color fill. We can laser engrave photo’s on boards add 35.00

Additional information

Care Instructions

Apply mineral spirits after cleaning for long lasting enjoyment.