Adventure Girl Enterprises LLC was formed in 2014 but the story of our business really started much earlier. As luck (or fate, who knows about these things) would have it, two people with adventurous spirits met and our journey began. We both have a love for the outdoor life and all the adventure it offers– it could be kayaking, hiking, skiing or just watching a beautiful sunset. Along the way, we found that we collected things that reminded us of the places we had been and the adventures we had along the way. Yes, we had our own collection of growlers among other things!

We both come from other careers but we wanted a different path. We wanted our own business that we could use our experience in service industries while allowing us the opportunity to explore our creativity. Custom engraving is a blend of art and technology and a lot of seeking out unique materials to engrave.

Our company mission is to create unique and memorable products. We seek out partnerships with local artists and newer companies that specialize in creating one of a kind objects. We hope to create something special for our customers, something that captures a memory or makes a new one. We welcome your feedback and ideas. If you have an idea for something you don’t see on our website or at our shows, please contact us. We enjoy sharing ideas with our customers and would love to hear from you!